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Rumples-Flounce - Sadie Tote Bags

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Rumples-Flounce - Sadie Tote Bags: A wonderful leaflet from KFI Collection featuring a design in EY Novelty Rumples and KFI Novelty Flounce.

A design preview for 'Rumples-Flounce - Sadie Tote Bags'

image preview of design 'Sadie Tote Bag'
Sadie Tote Bag
  • 4 skeins EY Novelty Rumples #8
  • 1 skein EY Novelty Rumples #6
  • 6 skeins KFI Novelty Flounce #26
  • 2 skeins KFI Novelty Flounce #33